what-hapen asked: How and when will the new mod(s) be picked?

Oh yeah that’s a thing I probably should have mentioned.

I will be posting a sort of form for anyone interested to fill out. They will then submit it to this blog. James, Tyler, and I will go over each of the applications individually and pick out the one we think is best qualified. I think we’ll give it a week from the time I post the application form, that seems like a good amount of time.


Moving On

Hey guys.

So if y’all haven’t noticed, Tyler, James, and I haven’t been around nearly as much as we used to. Our lives are all terribly busy and we simply don’t have time for this blog anymore, unfortunate for us as that may be.

But we would not like this blog to die. So here’s what we’re gonna do.

Remember a while ago when James and I held a contest for an additional moderator? We’re gonna do the same thing here. We will choose one to pass on the torch to; from there, they can choose as many or as few others as they would like. As soon as I find it, I’ll post a link to the format I’d like y’all to use.

The three of us are very sorry to be moving on, but this will be good for all of us. Thank you for your understanding. ♥


“(Not all of us headcanon it, despite popularity.)”

(Not all of us headcanon it, despite popularity.)”